Domino Stores Ltd

Domino Stores Ltd was established in 1964 by William M. Murray-Bruce. It was one of the first indigenous retailers in the country.

At inception the company's business consisted of two supermarkets in Lagos. A wholesale distribution unit was soon added and Domino became one of the largest distributors of Lever Brothers and Nestle in Nigeria. By 1982 the company was operating 13 supermarkets and seven wholesale stores in Lagos, Ogun State and Rivers State.

In the late 80s and early 90s, due to the sudden drop in crude oil prices, the Nigerian economy collapsed. This led to a closure of most of the stores. Obtaining raw materials and imported manufactured goods was virtually impossible for the company's suppliers. As a result, the wholesale business was curtailed and eventually shut down.

In spite of all the macroeconomic setbacks, Domino is still very active in the retail sector. The flagship supermarket in the Yaba area of Lagos has been renovated and re-launched to effectively serve the target market - the middle class of Lagos. This demographic group has been the main focus of the company since its inception. Also, in a bid to further penetrate this group, Domino is planning to open several more stores in the near future.

In addition to retail operations, the company has recently expanded into the hotel and cinema business. Ozone Cinemas was launched in November 2008 in Yaba and it is located within the Domino property known as the e-centre. This is the first retail/entertainment complex on the Lagos mainland. Also, a 40 room hotel was purchased recently and it is in the process of being renovated.


Michael L. Murray-Bruce (Managing Director)

Mr. Michael L. Murray-Bruce is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Columbia University in the City of New York.
Prior to his appointment as Managing Director of Domino Stores Ltd in 1979, he worked as a Manufacturing Associate with Continental Can in the US. He also worked as an Industrial Engineer with Metal Box UK, and Factory Manager in Metal Box Nigeria.
He currently serves on the boards of several companies including, Intercontinental Distillers Ltd, Poly Products Nigeria Plc, Silverbird Communications Ltd, IMC Ltd and Manilla Properties Ltd.

Joy E. Jonah (Executive Director)

Mrs. Joy E. Jonah is responsible for retail operations and administration.
She was educated at Westminster College, London where she graduated in Hotel and Catering Management. She began her career in London where she worked for the White House Hotel, Euston and the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Marble Arch.
She joined Domino Stores in 1984.

William R. Murray-Bruce

Mr. William R. Murray-Bruce is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a retired Nigerian Air Force pilot. He oversees the Finance Department and the Management Information Systems of the company. Prior to joining Domino Stores in 2001, he worked with Union International Company in the UK, NFS Ltd in Lagos and the Nigerian Air Force.
He is also a director of Manilla Properties Ltd.

Patrick Lee

Mr. Patrick Lee is the General Manager of Ozone Cinemas and the E-Centre.
He has many years of experience working in the public sector in the UK, holding various managerial positions.